3 Things to Look For in an Online Yoga Studio Accreditation Program

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3 Things to Look For in an Online Yoga Studio Accreditation Program

If you want to qualify as a yoga teacher and open your own studio, then you need some kind of certification or accreditation. If you don't have time to attend a regular course, you can sign up for an online program.

Online training gives you the resources to learn what you need to know at your own pace. You can become certified or accredited without having to attend in-person classes. Before you choose an online yoga studio accreditation program, you should check out the company and its services. Which services are most important?

1. A Broad Range of Subject Choices

If you take studio-based yoga accreditation training, then you usually have to follow a fixed program. While you need to learn about key basics like philosophy, anatomy and physiology, you might not be as interested in other parts of the course. It might not cover areas you're interested in learning more about.

Online yoga studio training can be more flexible. Courses cover the essentials; however, you might also get more choice of additional study options. Some online programs bring together modules from many different teachers and coaches with different specialities. 

For example, you might be able to construct a program that solely focuses on the type of yoga you want to teach. Or, you might be able to add on some modules that cover other disciplines or related subjects such as personal growth and meditation.

2. A Mix of Training Techniques

While online learning is convenient, you should look for programs that use a range of training delivery techniques. For example, a provider might produce written lessons and exercises that you work through online, video training modules, and one-to-one or group video meeting sessions.

You'll probably find it easier to learn if you can access a range of delivery methods. While it's good to have modules to read, watching a video is more helpful if you need to learn how to physically do something. Having regular face-to-face access to one of your teachers is also helpful.

3. Business and Marketing Advice

Your teaching accreditation is only the first step to opening up your own studio. This can be a daunting prospect if you've never run your own business before.

Many online program providers offer business training as part of their programs. You should look out for this training. It will help you understand more about setting up and running your studio. You should also get useful marketing advice.

For more info about online training, contact yoga studio training accreditation program providers.

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